Fuel Your Performance on HYDRATE with Tracy Duhs Podcast


✅ How 3 in 1 Elite’s 3 Systems | 1 Athlete approach works

✅ How Abe got into Applied Neuroscience

✅ The important role of nutrition and hydration and how it affects our interoceptive input

✅ How hydration is affected in hot and cold environments

✅ Foods that are high in water content

✅ The role of the vagus nerve and how to improve it

✅ Habit change hacks and more!

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Fuel Your Performance Podcast with GamePoint Performance & USA Ultimate Frisbee player Goose

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Some highlights:
-Why I wrote my book Fuel Your Performance
-Behavior change
-How to take advantage during the quarantine
-Why go organic
-Sport-specific nutrient timing for competition
-The real energy balance equation
-How stress works and so much more!

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