The Neuroscience Behind the Visual System & Pain Relief via the Eyes on the Red Light Report Podcast

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We’ve all heard that “the eye is the window to the soul,” but have you heard of strategically utilizing the visual system to get rid of pain, improve emotions and normalize countless health conditions that are otherwise difficult to treat? Today’s conversation with Abe Al-Baba will knock your socks off with both the education he provides and the anecdotes he shares with how he helps his clients reach peak performance and/or improve their overall health status. This is one of the more interesting conversations I’ve had in quite some time!

Abe and I met at the HYDRATE Summit that was put on by Tracy Duhs a couple of weekends ago. We were there to learn about water, but he and I got to talking and soon discovered that we shared countless other mutual interests. After hearing about his novel techniques for successfully helping his clients, some of which are seemingly beyond simplistic (but have deep neurological basis), I knew I had to have him on the podcast so that he could share his knowledge and stories with you all. He even walked me through a couple of quick assessments/treatments that I can use on myself, including how to treat my vagus nerve with red light therapy! Isn’t that something we could all benefit from in this fast-paced, high-stress world we live in?

I hope you enjoy the conversation today with Abe. Please share this episode with family, friends and colleagues if you find the content especially interesting and/or impactful.

As always, learn lots and light up your health!


✅ Introduction and Guest Credentials (00:00:00 – 00:02:27:24)

✅ Stem Cell Therapy Journey (00:02:27:26 – 00:07:34:05)

  • Abe Al-Baba’s positive experience with stem cell therapy for Achilles tear.
  • Emphasis on treatment timeline and outcomes.
  • Dr. Mike Belkowski’s testimonial on stem cell therapy.
  • Importance of stem cell quality.
  • Mention of additional treatments: red light therapy, transcranial light therapy, hydration.

✅ Neuro Sports Performance and Vision Restoration (00:15:57:21 – 00:21:27:12)

  • Abe Al-Baba’s career trajectory and Z health curriculum.
  • Impactful case study on vision restoration for vaccine injury client.

✅ Neurological Aspects of Movement and Colored Lenses (00:21:27:14 – 00:36:29:18)

  • Discussion on sensory input and motor output optimization.
  • Colored lenses as neurostimulation tools, case studies.

✅ Treating Pain and Structural Issues (00:36:29:18 – 00:50:29:09)

  • Addressing pain through nervous system intervention.
  • Critique of traditional physical therapy’s limitations.
  • Advocacy for individualized treatment.

✅ Optimizing Sleep, Breathing Techniques, and Stress Management (01:02:27 – 01:20:04:06)

  • Importance of sleep quality, natural light exposure, and stress reduction.
  • Breathing techniques for weight loss and stress reduction.

✅ Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Health Optimization (01:24:32:10 – 01:37:20:29)

  • Vagus nerve stimulation, self-testing, and red light therapy.
  • Discussion on personalized health solutions and reassessment plan.

✅ Closing Remarks and Podcast Engagement (01:38:19:17 – 01:38:52:08)

  • Dr. Mike Belkowski’s closing remarks and promotion of engagement channels.