Concussions / Special Cases

When traditional medical care cannot seem to find the answer, 3 in 1 Concussions / Special Cases Therapy can help those in need and seek a better, more comfortable life.

It could be ONE simple drill…Our brain’s #1 job is to survive and that’s based on the information it constantly receives. When the body experiences injury, trauma, or ailments that may be holding you back from a normal life, the brain may signal: 

❌ Chronic pain

❌ Long-haulers Covid/Long Covid 

❌ Headaches & migraines

❌ Dizziness & vertigo 

❌ Fibromyalgia &/or fatigue 

❌ Gut irritability &/or IBS

❌ Disease, cancers, etc. 

This is the brain’s way of saying it may be confused and needs more information/input to produce more accurate output. The brain may even react by tightening muscles, giving you a goofy walk, and increased breathing rates, keeping you on edge. We retrain and reroute the brain relaxing stored tightness opening up the joints while increasing mobility. Our method reduces inflammation, decreases ailments, and enhances performance. 

Results happen fast due to our 3 Systems | 1 Athlete approach combining aspects of manual therapy with applied neuroscience. Traditional rehab methods have a one-size-fits-all protocol. 3 in 1 provides a completely individualized treatment by thoroughly reviewing your health history and identifying other components that may be affecting pain signaling. These methods pinpoint the root cause of the injury. Clients often experience substantial improvement within the first session!

Health & Wellness

3 in 1 Elite provides customized therapies two different ways: in-person or online. These programs have been highly successful with all populations.

In-Person Therapy

✅ Is personalized and driven to get you out of whatever is holding you back from the life you want and fast!

✅ Includes a Performance Assessment: a quick in-depth movement and neuro analysis. This allows us to unlock your full potential

✅ Entails individually-tailored programs based on assessments and goals 

✅ Has attentive coaches who are detail-oriented 

✅ Equipped with high-quality drills for the brain, as well as workouts and exercises

✅ Permitted access to a state-of-the-art facility

Online Therapy

3 in 1 Online is merely the same approach as In-Person Therapy. 

✅ Includes the above excluding facility access 

✅ Receive therapy out of the comfort of your home and/or desired location via Zoom or FaceTime