Glenn and Carol

Group Training

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“Abe is always spot on when it comes to helping with special aches and pains. He goes beyond what our physical therapist said or even our doctor’s recommendations. I call him Doctor Abe because I always feel better after working with him than when I started. I’m glad my husband and I signed up because Abe has been helpful in guiding us in the right direction. We both have improved our muscle mass and balance. Abe has guided us through injuries from playing with grandchildren and other age related problems. We are now able to keep up with our grandchildren, run up the stairs and have increased energy. For me, personally, Abe has been able to help with my sciatica, a rotator cuff, a torn calf muscle and a slipped disc pain. Whatever aches and pains we encounter, Abe has a solution for a fix we can always count on him. Recently, I had many complications and Abe was able to effectively pinpoint it to my prescriptions when no one else could! Literally all my complaints were side effects from my medications. Since, we’ve been able to ween off my medication.
My husband Glen has been suffering from COPD causing frequent emphysema and bronchitis- 40+ years of smoking will do the trick! He’s had to have check ups every 3 months, he was getting progressively worse and it’s rare anyone makes improvements. Abe focused on unique breathing drills and some other unique methods and let me tell you.. no signs of emphysema, bronchitis and on the last check up Glen improved in every category, especially the volume of air expelled through the lungs. The doctor was jumping up and down and reduced his check ups to 6 months!
We wondered if the cost of a personal trainer was worth it at our age. In the case of Abe Al-Baba, we can say that it definitely is worth it. He has improved the quality of our lives, and that is priceless.”

Carol and Glen Hassler
San Diego, California