Movement Training

Take your athletic skills and technique to the next level with 3 in 1 Elite Movement Training! We utilize our 3 Systems | 1 Athlete approach designed to improve your sport-specific movement with ease and grace. 

This service is highly individually-tailored and technical. Together we focus on whichever movement you would like to fine-tune whether that be sprint mechanics, a baseball swing, a QB throw, volleyball spike, etc. Whatever it is, we find very unique drills that rapidly improve your movement much more easily than traditional approaches and coaching; producing more power, speed, quickness, grace, etc. 3 in 1 Elite provides this very specialized and specific service in-person or online.

In-Person Training

✅ Is personalized 

✅ Includes a Performance Assessment: a quick in-depth movement and neuro analysis. This allows us to unlock your full potential

✅ Entails individually-tailored drills that improve sport-specific movement based on assessments and goals 

✅ Has attentive coaches who are detail-oriented 

✅ Equipped with high-quality workouts and exercises

✅ Permitted access to a state-of-the-art facility


✅ Includes the above excluding facility access 

✅ Train out of the comfort of your home and/or desired location via Zoom or Facetime