Experience the nutrition and lifestyle breakthrough that is giving my clients instant results.

It’s one of the most personalized approaches and lowest-cost alternatives in achieving the healthy, high-performing life you’ve always wanted.

If you want to:

  • Stop calorie counting and start eating easy to consistently stay healthy 
  • Remove confusion around nutrition and the daunting research of 5,352 articles, diets, and books that may improve your performance and self-image
  • Discover what works for your body because the idea that we are all individual and unique resonates with you

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I’d recommend this book to any athlete looking to improve their fitness and health – whether you want to get faster, stronger, leaner, jump higher, or just feel more energized, this book gives you the hands on tools and knowledge to start making changes today.

Jacob B.

Ultimate Frisbee

I highly recommend FYP for anyone who wants to improve their nutrition or just better understand the importance of nutrition and how it can influence peak performance.

Tyler F.


FYP Podcast with USA Ultimate Frisbee player Goose #00 & GamePoint Performance

FYP is a step-by-step process. Each day you’re given action steps, reading material, or both amounting to ONLY about 10–20 minutes a day, PLUS there are tons of pictures 😉

Be proactive about your nutrition and performance. 


I’m Abe-Al-Baba, founder of 3 in 1 Elite, and one of San Diego’s most reputable Personal Trainers and Neurological Performance Specialists. I have been working with athletes of all varieties for over a decade now—and what I’ve observed over the years is that any athlete, whether an Olympian or a weekend warrior, can reach their highest level of well-being.

Through extensive research and experience, I concluded that the most effective and quickest way to get into shape was to focus on specific nutrition with optimized exercise.

Fuel Your Performance™ (FYP) is my solution for students and clients who have been unsuccessful in their search for ways to improve themselves while managing their time conflicted schedules.

Trust The Science.

I’ve gathered experience and knowledge through professional consultations with leading exercise physiologists, athletes, naturopathic doctors, medicinal chefs, registered dietitians, nutrition coaches, and neuro sports performance specialists to bring this guide to fruition.

After ONE week of implementing an apple per shift and prioritizing my recovery time I found that when I’m asleep, I’m in a deep sleep. I’ve had more energy and mental clarity to navigate through stressful weeks. My pain has been very minimal! It’s crazy how just a few little tweaks are getting me back on track and helping me enjoy life more in the process!  

Kylee W.

Hospitality Manager

It is my personal life mission to support as many people as I can in performing better and living happier and healthier lives. With my help, you can achieve all that and more while maintaining a more balanced lifestyle in a society that is ever more demanding of your time and energy.

That’s why I’ve compiled the ultimate guide reinforced by science to optimize your personal nutrition and lifestyle. 

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a miracle book to dieting FYP is NOT for you.

If, instead, you are looking for tools that help your unique body feel and perform its absolute best, this nutrition guide is for you.

I haven’t felt this great physically and mentally in quite sometime. I wanted to get rid of the belly fat (I’m “skinny fat”), become a little stronger, faster, agile/mobile and just to look physically fit at the age of 49. In just one month, I am down 3% body fat, I lost 4.5 lbs. of fat, and gained 1.5 lbs. of muscle. All was done with being consistent in my workouts, increasing my protein intake, and have more well-balanced meals. It was so simple! 

Lyle T.

Lacrosse Head Coach

In this book, you will receive a personally crafted regimen specific for YOU.


You’ll immediately begin to see results. 

FYP will have you feeling better than you ever could have imagined and I can’t wait to show you how easy and instant it truly is. 

Proper nutritional intake is the most necessary element to our survival, which is why FYP has nearly instantaneous results and it only gets more efficient with every client I introduce it to.

Within the book you’ll find:

  • Hydration hacks for any place, in any situation
  • An extensive shopping list that will forever instill mindfulness in what you buy
  • Personalized paths carved from the beginning, based on all body types
  • Sport-specific information on nutrient timing
  • How to individualize and be your own food scientist, exemplifying how our nervous system can react to certain foods
  • Commons myths about fad diets, GMOs, and more debunked
  • Tips on sleep, recovery, supplements, weight loss/gain, how to eat on-the-go, and so much more!

After reading this book you’ll have all the knowledge and resources to become your own food scientist and a certified FYP Nutrition Ninja. 

It doesn’t matter your age, your level of fitness, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, FYP is accessible to anyone and I am here to guide you.


I published this life-changing book at a lower cost than its competitors to make it available to anyone!