You are what you eat. Elite nutrition for elite athletes. 

What do the world’s best athletes like JJ Watt, Tom Brady, Lebron James, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Serena Williams and Michael Phelps all have in common? Spectacular nutrition, which is why they are not only breaking records, lasting longer in the game, but have LONGEVITY within their sport.

Fuel Your Performance™ (FYP) is a performance- based nutrition guide unlike any other. We gathered professional experience and consulted with leading exercise physiologists, athletes, naturopathic doctors, medicinal chefs, registered dietitians, nutrition coaches and neuro sports performance specialists to bring this guide to fruition. 

FYP’s primary goal is to unlock your full potential with nutrition via three core principles: fuel, hydration and recovery. All of these factors can improve or hinder your performance up to 50-80%! When we say performance, that could mean jumping higher, running faster, becoming stronger or crushing it at work. To reach peak performance, on top of quality practice, athletes must be well fueled for the activity/task at hand and be well hydrated. Additionally, they must properly recover after the activity to ensure true growth. We believe that with proper education you will be more inclined to implement these new habits into your lifestyle. FYP is an effecient plan that makes nutrition and an athlete’s lifestyle simple. Nutrition research is still young and we are ALL still learning!  FYP is our consensus thus far. 

Fuel Your Performance™ book, e-book and app release date is TBD ~July 2019~ Some features:  

  • Option model based; choose between 8-12 options at your convenience for each meal
  • All in conjunction with Trader Joe’s for convenience and affordability – shopping list included with our FYP App 
  • Debunks common nutritional myths
  • Backed by the latest nutritional science with over 200 research articles, six books and six contributors who are top in the industry within medicine, health and fitness
  • Sport-specific nutrient timing for pre, during and post competition or practice
  • Tips on sleep, recovery, weight loss/gain, fluid intake, how to eat on-the-go and so much more
  • How to individualize and be your own food scientist, exemplifying how our nervous system can react to certain foods

These features provide even more clarity and direction on how to fuel our performance. Interested in nutrition coaching now? Click below!

Nutrition can be misleading and confusing. Understand it is very young in research and we still do not have a lot of definite “answers”. Check out this animation video before reading on: