Performance Methods

3 in 1 Elite utilizes a 3 Systems | 1 Athlete approach. This approach addresses the brain as a whole. Understand that the brain controls everything and its primary goal is to survive based on the overall detection of your current “stress bucket“. Its survival rate is constantly calculated via 3 input systems and those systems make up every one elite athlete.

Based on the quality input, it creates the appropriate output, or your performance of running, jumping, power, explosiveness, pain levels, mental attention, focus, etc. The moral of the story, we need to increase more accurate input to the brain, to produce more accurate output. Here’s a helpful video.

Our Neural Performance Assessment identifies any input deficiencies that hold back your performance or exacerbate pain. More importantly, we provide drills that improve these parts of the brain which optimize your performance and decrease your overall stress bucket.

Neurological Approach


This system monitors our external environment using:

  1. Sight
  2. Smell
  3. Hearing/balance
  4. Taste
  5. Touch

Our sight alone is over 150 million neural signals per second.


This system is our awareness of limb and body position, and how well you can move your joints.

At 11-20 million neural signals per second, our proprioceptive system must be proficient in quality movement.


This is our awareness of bodily sensations and feelings ALL the time including:

  1. Heart rate
  2. Respiration
  3. Visceral organs/digestion
  4. Thermoregulation
  5. Sense of ownership

Quite simply…

Vision Drill Image

Sense Well

Research indicates 70-90% of all our sensory input arrives to the athlete via our vision. To achieve the ultimate goal of enhanced performance, we must not overlook our vision.

Movement Drill Image

Move Well

3 in 1 implements proprioceptive drills to improve coordination and flexibility of joints while reducing the risk of injury through sport-specific movement drills and warm-ups.

Back Mobility Exercise

Feel Well

Interoception can impact how we feel on a mass scale. We take 20-25,000 breaths/day, autonomics keep us alive 24/7, and nutrients we need to thrive is absorbed via digestion. Quality interoception is imperative!