Haley T.

Super Mom

1-ON-1 Training

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“No pain! When I think my neck is starting to get funky I hold Eisley and do the drills. I was doing the drills daily and some multiple times a day. Now I’m down to every few days. You’re truly a miracle worker!”

Meet Haley, she had significant low-back, knee and left calf pain. Headaches every single night, fatigue, reduced hours of sleep quality & quantity. She had jaw pain and allergic reactions to every type of food. Fast forward years of these symptoms and seeking help from many specialist with no success, she was beginning to feel hopeless. Before this she used to be thin and fit until she gave birth to her child, Evelyn. Evelyn was a special case and began to have seizures at 2 weeks young. She ended up having 7 types of seizures and nothing stopped them. Haley tried every medication, marijuana, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, chiropractic, etc. nothing helped. Haley and her husband Jim’s lives were forever changed. She had to be with Evelyn all the time, she couldn’t take a shower unless someone could sit with her. Jim and Haley rotated sleeping every 2 hours. When she was 1.5 the family hired night nurses so her and her husband could sleep. She was in the hospital for a combined time of at least a year. She was put on a BIPAP, oxygen, a vest to shake out the liquid in her lungs, tube fed, and many more tribulations. Haley was basically her personal RN. With all that she still had an amazing life! They took her swimming, got a hot tub, ran, traveled to numerous states to see the country, none of her special needs hindered them from having so many amazing adventures and memories.

During this time, Haley put her own health on the back burner and became less and less active to basically become a caretaker. She put on weight almost immediately after Evelyn was born. Unfortunately she passed away a month before her 3rd birthday. Haley was heart broken and began to put on even more weight from the stress and grief. This is when all the symptoms mentioned above began. Fast forward years of these symptoms and seeking help from many specialist with no success, she was beginning to feel hopeless.

However, Haley remained positive and we began to work together. I performed a neural flow assessment and provided everyday drills. She listened to everything I told her to do and fully followed my guidance. Within her first month of training:

  • Down 3% body fat! Down 5.5 pounds of fat. Lost 1 pound of weight
  • Gained almost 5 pounds of muscle
  • Low back pain was mostly gone and minimal, except in the morning
  • NO knee pain (only during a lunge) nor calf pain
  • Headaches at night were 90% gone
  • Was able to eat some solid foods without allergic reactions

She was finally beginning to have hope! Until she began to have tooth pain. One dentist wanted to pull the tooth, which she felt uncomfortable with and got a second opinion, that dentist wanted to perform a root canal and another said it was related to her TMJ and suggested she get it adjusted. I was in support of that because anytime I had her do a jaw drill, a lot of her pain would go away. We decided she could possibly benefit. She received the adjustment and got her neck worked on even though I communicated to the Chiro that her neck was severely threatened, and suggested to not work on it, but he decided he was “the expert“ and did it anyway. Unfortunately after that session all of her ailments came back and everything got much worse. She was in even worse pain than when she started with me. All of the same drills we did before were not effective.

I became very frustrated as a few weeks went by and I was reminded of trauma specific positions. So I asked Haley what were the final moments like and she described how Evelyn laid on her chest on the couch as she passed. So we laid Haley’s other child (who’s about the same age as Evelyn was) on her chest on a couch and she performed her drills. And boom 💥 ! Haley’s pain went down significantly! Finally some relief and after a few days of doing the drills, Haley has been pain-free!