Conquering Cravings: Understanding the Brain’s Influence on Food Desires on the Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine Podcast

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“Unlocking the brain’s power can lead to transformative results, from decreasing pain and improving performance to conquering cravings and optimizing overall health.”

In this episode, Juanique, Gina, and their guest, Abe, the CEO of 3in1 Elite and the author of the book “Fuel Your Performance,” talk about cravings and how our brains affect our eating habits. They discuss how different parts of the brain control cravings and appetite.

Listen as they stress the importance of understanding why we have cravings, which are often linked to feelings like sadness, loneliness, boredom, or fear. They also talk about how the brain can quickly reduce pain and improve how our bodies move.


✅ 11:40 – Learning, applying, and understanding the brain’s survival instincts

✅ Neurology 101

✅ 17:58 – Why are pre-workout warm-ups essential for strong muscles

✅ Neurology of Eating

✅ 21:52 – Prefrontal cortex role in emotional responses and cravings

✅ 27:37 – Instant safety, insular cortex, satiety, hippocampus

✅ 31:08 – Interoception: Gut’s link to obesity explained

✅ The Vagus nerve and its involvement in decreasing your stress

✅ 46:40 Improving chronic pain with interoceptive input like isometric muscle shortening and lengthening

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