Up Your Golf Swing Game In Minutes

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Improving Your Golf Swing tip from Brain Based Golf Performance Coach – Joe Locascio who also works with juniors at Future Champions of Golf

Your brain organ controls every aspect of life by receiving and integrating input to produce output. The input received comes from movement, eyes, balance (inner ear), and internal awareness of the body (breathing, digestion, physiological regulation and fascia).

Remember the primary goal of the brain is to survive, not to perform at the most elite levels; therefore, stress and threat must be reduced to obtain the best performance and fluid mechanics.

In order to reduce the threat/stress we need to provide quality golf-specific input to the brain, which creates quality output affecting things like your swing. This is the key to create that tranquil mind; brain must be rest assured that survival is a non-issue to permit peak performance. There are many options on how we can provide quality input to vastly improve golf performance.

Training the eyes, balance (inner ear), movement and internal inputs can provide accurate information so a golfer can hit every shot and win. When a brain receives the appropriate input, and is comfortable in predicting that the environment is safe, it will integrate all inputs to provide the appropriate output, aka your ball landing on the green below par versus meandering downstream.

Here’s a tip to improve your game and enhance your performance immediately.

The Pencil Push-Up:

Grab a pen or better yet, a golf ballStand tall and relaxed, hold golf ball at arm’s length distance (eye level)Stare at ball and bring in towards the bridge of your nose slowlyMake sure you can see tip of pen or golf ball without object splittingThen return to original position slowly with the same speedShoot for 10 quality reps

Try your swing, any changes?

Repeat in any golf-specifc position with a partner address half way through back swing, top of backswing, end of follow through

Let us know if you saw some drastic changes! Before you attempt, record your swing and look at your deficiencies.

To improve your golf game signifcantly, check out a 3in1 Elite Neural Assessment used to explore and confirm the input and integration areas that need specific focus.

Contact us for an assessment to take your golf game to the next level.