Tricks To Beat The Treats This Halloween

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It’s that time of year again where the holidays start rolling in one after the next, and the sweet treats seem to be never ending! As you prepare for all the ghouls and goblins to frolic the streets, watch video or read below for some tricks to beat the treats and have a healthy Halloween.

Click image for video 🙂

Check out this chart by Pop Sugar on what it takes to burn off your favorite candies!

Chart courtesy of Pop Sugar
Chart courtesy of Taste of Home

Surprising? I bet! It’s important to note, as mentioned in my book, Fuel Your Performance, “calorie burn estimates are imprecise; individuals burn calories uniquely and variably…caloric intake apps can be off by 25% due to incorrect labeling, laboratory measurement error, food quality, and individual differences”. I also don’t want you to use exercise as a punishment from eating a piece of candy. The point of this is not to scare you away from enjoying a candy bar, but simply to provide some awareness if you indulge in some sweet treats this Halloween.

In addition, realizing this is how weight gain begins. It starts with one small change of habit – enjoying a piece or pieces of candy more than before. Why? Because you have a bag of candy laying around. It is easy to reach for, it’s in your environment, it’s at home on the kitchen counter or in the break room at work. This habit could build and may happen for a week or so and before you know it you’re buying a bag of candy on your weekly grocery store run. Then it resumes during Thanksgiving and you overeat. Then again during all Christmas festivities and then next thing you know, you’re up ten pounds!

So here are two tricks to beat the treat!

  1. Be mindful and change your environment. From my book FYP, “People may think it’s all about willpower, but willpower matters far less than your systems and environment. The systems (your routine and schedule) you have set in place can make for a much easier transition, as they influence your nutrition choices.” Quite simply, change your environment, enjoy your piece or two that one night, then give away the leftover candy. By doing this you remove the temptation and unnecessary use of willpower.
  2. Eat slowly. Chew the candy very slowly and wait for the candy to dissolve before swallowing. This will help you feel satisfied more quickly, thus you won’t eat as much!

We hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!