Simple Vision Drill For Athletes To Help Increase Speed & Power

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Athletes, milliseconds matter! It’s the difference between winning and losing. Understand that the brain controls everything, it can significantly impact those precious seconds. With this one simple brain drill, you can increase your speed, power, and force! Watch this video.

Check out this before and after video using this one drill. One of our clients, a pro tennis player came in with some knee stiffness looking to improve his forehand and overall intensity throughout a match. We looked at his health history noticing he experienced a concussion 15 years ago. We tested specific parts of the brain and found some weak points. Click the link below to view his results!

1. Full warm up

2. Compared 4 reps of a forehand (before neural drill)

3. Then compared forehand reps (after neural drill) *with absolutely no biomechanical coaching* you’ll see that without the vision drill he is just beginning to swing. But after the drill he is already fully through his swing in the same amount of time.

He increased his force, speed, stability, power and efficiency while decreasing time during his swing.

If you are an athlete looking take your training to the next level and work on increasing your speed, power, and explosiveness, let’s work together! Email us at today!