Don’t Be Tricked By The Treats – Three Tips On How to Make Smart Decisions During Halloween

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October is synonymous with ghosts, ghouls and sweet treats. While it may be easy to succumb to the “treat yo self” revolution while trick or treating, 3 in 1 Elite encourages you to be mindful before you dive into a snickers or 3.

Just one fun size candy can contain up to 80 calories – and let’s be honest, it’s super easy to gobble down ten or more of those suckers before you’ve even pulled your witch stockings off.

The effects that candy can have on your waistline can be down right scary. Below we’ve listed some tips and facts to help you choose wisely this year

1. Eat a full meal before going out to Halloween events so you’re not tempted by the party buffets.

2. Enjoy the candy, but don’t indulge or overeat. Eat it slowly, waiting for the candy to dissolve before swallowing. Moderation is key and eating slowly will help you feel satiated more quickly.

3. Remember that “I can’t” is a temporary resolution, but “I don’t” is permanent.
By uttering “I don’t do X” instead of “I can’t do X”, you create an identity for yourself that helps reduce the willpower needed to say no. When you tell yourself “I don’t eat candy” you are far more likely not to over indulge.

We hope have a happy and HEALTHY Halloween, and try these tricks when you treat!

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