#BeFirst App to Enhance Performance | Alleviate Pain

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\Believe it or not, your body’s ability to react directly effects it’s capacity to handle stress.  If we think in the context of evolution, quick reaction time meant quicker elusion of threat and danger.  Quicker elusion of danger meant a higher level of awareness or even fitness.  A higher level of awareness meant lower levels of compounded stress due to the large and often eminent exposure to threat; causing a sense of comfort.  I’m sure you’re thinking, “Now that’s all well and good, but we’re no longer cave men living in the bush with huge freakin’ skulls dragging our knuckles across the elements  so how does this apply to modern day me, in the age of technology?”

Again, if we think in the context of evolution, the part of the brain responsible for reacting and for handling stress may not be completely responsible for cognition; it’s more primal.  The reactionary response is designed to ensure our survival whether it be physical or emotional. Meaning, reaction is still very much a part of our overall fitness (especially our vision).  So whether you ran into both of your exes at a party and they now happen to be besties, or, if you’re being chased across the Serengeti by a cheetah at dinner time, you’re stress response may be quite similar.

So now modern day technology age, you is thinking, “But how the heck do I boost my reactionary timing when I’m at a desk all day?” Well, there’s an app for that.   #BeFirst app is unlike any other app because it strengthens reaction to different capacities that increase and enhance our acuity and decision making mechanisms honing in on:

  • Visual reaction
  • Audio reaction
  • Visual/Audio choice reaction
  • Visual acuity
  • Frontal lobe activation (critical thinking and decision making)

Go ahead. Test it out. Pick a range of motion test, exercise, strength test, etc. and take the assessment. Complete one of the exercises from the app and see if you’ve improved on your initial assessment.  Keep practicing and your reactionary timing will continue to improve! And if  $29.99 for the app is a little out of your price range you can download the app Brain test – Stroop Effect which also helps strengthen your visual reaction, visual acuity and frontal lobe.

Tell us what you think!  Contact us at abe@3in1elite.com .