3 Simple Steps To Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year again! Visions of sugar plums, Christmas ham, festive cocktails and figgy pudding dancing our heads. While the most wonderful time may also be the most delicious, what’s not so merry is what it can do to our waistlines.

Weight gain happens overtime. Starting at the age of 25, the average adult adds on 2.2 pounds annually, and 75 percent occurs during the holidays. It’s not just the Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, it’s the holiday festivities that rack up the calories. For every white elephant, secret Santa, ugly sweater bar crawl, and office Christmas party there are at least two things that will always be present – snacks and drinks.

Try these THREE simple strategies to avoid the trap so you can still eat, drink, and be merry without piling on the pounds.

  1. In your off-time, stay balanced and eat well – Think whole, minimally processed and healthy foods when you’re eating during the week. Keep it balanced with protein, fat and smart carbs. 
  2. Don’t deprive yourself, but do be mindful – The best ways to practice mindful eating during the holidays is to EAT SLOWLY- you’ll end up eating less. Strike up friendly conversations so you won’t be scarfing food down the whole time. Come up with a game-plan before heading out for the festivities like eating before, so you won’t eat as much at the event. Avoid sitting or standing near the buffet table when possible, and set a one-two drink limit for when you’re out for the evening. If there’s dessert, don’t think you can’t indulge, but tell yourself that you are only going to have two bites and you’ll be satisfied.
  3. Up the activity – Working out is a must when avoiding weight gain during the holidays. People begin to not make time for their workouts. Make a schedule, put it on the calendar! High-intensity and total body core routines are perfect, quick workouts to get into shape because they use up so many of your carbohydrate stores. Compound sets in particular can boost your metabolism to get rid of fat and promote muscle growth. They’re perfect for before a big night out, or after a holiday lunch. Download our app for guidance and motivation https://3in1elite.com/app/

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