Tinity Watson


Rehab/Pain Relief

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Trinity Results Card

National Team Roster
Full Athletic Scholarship to Pepperdine ’22
U14, U15 & U16 National Team Roster
U.S. Soccer Training Invite
ODP Regional Team
ODP State Team

Trinity’s soccer goal was to regain confidence in her ACL, improve her top speed and decrease neck pain/tightness. In four weeks we:

  • Improved her top speed and confidence in ACL (no brace needed)
  • Neck pain/tightness is non-existent
  • She can actually flex her calf, hamstring and glute muscles
  • Reduced her body fat by 3.5% and lost 5 pounds of fat
  • Gained 5.5 pounds of muscle
  • Improved her vertical jump by an inch!
  • Accepted a full scholarship to Pepperdine
  • Enhanced her visual processing which improves speed
  • Improved brain coordination/movement on the left!
  • Neck pain/aches are non-existent

Watch her collegiate career at Pepperdine!

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