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Hailey Results Card

Hailey Brockett1st Place American Division
Junior National Qualifier
CIF State Champion

Hailey’s Volleyball goal was to increase her vertical jump and decrease ankle sprain/tightness. In our first month we:
-Improved vertical jump by 3 inches
-Reduced body fat by 8% & loss 6 pounds of fat
-Ankle pain/tightness is non-existent & much more confident
-Enhanced visual processing translating to improved quickness
-She won a state championship!

A volleyball player who wanted to improve her vertical jump, but had experienced frequent headaches, migraines, and fatigue. “While training with Abe, he recommended I eat more. He wanted my plates filled with bright colors and a palm-size amount of protein. I started to eat more lean meats and a wider variety of vegetables. I also started to eat fruit with almonds. After a few months, I had reduced my body fat percentage from 22.92% to 14.45%! I felt energized, reduced the frequency of my headaches and migraines, and I increased my vertical jump by 3 inches!” 

Watch out for her collegiate career at TCU!

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