Ethan D.

HS Soccer

1-on-1 Training

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Meet Ethan ⚽️ 

He broke his collarbone and then saw us 4️⃣ days later. He had very limited range of motion and experienced discomfort with almost any movement from the shoulder. See what happened after a mobility drill involving gliding the upper back back & forth…👇🏼

Pre-drill assessment and results: all stiff w/ limited ROM
– Anterior shoulder flexion: 3/10 pain
– Lateral shoulder raise: 2/10 pain
– Rotator cuff: 3-4/10 pain

Post-drill assessment and results: all ⬆️ ROM
– Anterior shoulder flexion: 0.5-1/10 pain
– Lateral shoulder raise: 0.5/10 pain
– Rotator cuff: smooth & effortless

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