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“I have known Abe since I was 6 years old, childhood friends, and I can vouch on his character, drive for success, passion for his clients and friends and his focus on his athletes. I started training with Abe a year ago and have seen huge results. I have followed his workout plans, advice and nutritional plan, even living on opposite coasts. He included weekly coaching, demonstration videos and exercise programs. He has cut out unnecessary fat from my body, focused on increasing my muscle explosion geared toward my sport (rugby) and eliminated counterproductive lifts and movements from my workouts. I have increased my top speed and quickness while building more strength to dominate on the rugby field.

I love his unique approach to his workouts. Including an explosion based warm up that activates the mind (central nervous system) to sync with the body, which I learned is key. This wakes up the entire body so I am 100% mentally and physically ‘turned on’ before I touch a weight. The explosive warm ups are great for rehabbing and strengthening injury prone areas that many athletes experience trouble with. The actual workouts are for building strength and preventing injuries as well. Abe’s plan pairs strength with sprints on the field, which has made the difference in improving or not within your sport. An athlete has to apply and practice his craft to become the best and in my case it is putting on the cleats and put foot to ground.

With Abe’s help and my unwavering passion and desire, I will accomplish the top honor of putting on the Eagles jersey and representing my country very soon. I strongly suggest anyone to take his approach to working out and have him as your trainer or as he prefers “Exercise Physiologist”. I have never been in better shape in my life!!”

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