Kristin Keller


1-ON-1 Training

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“After struggling with my weight for years in college, I took the initiative in 2010 to change my life and lost 45lbs on my own through diet and exercise. I started training with Abe two and a half years ago when I found myself at a fitness plateau. I had reached my goal weight, but not necessarily the body I had envisioned. I had several tough spots that needed to be toned and I desperately needed to increase my overall strength and athleticism.

Abe’s workout plans, energetic positive training approach and immense nutritional knowledge are exactly what I needed to take my body to the next level. Being a model and actress in LA, staying on my fitness game is one of my top priorities and the exercises I’ve learned from Abe keep me on my toes. I’ve learned that using weights as a female doesn’t mean bulking up, it means sculpting your physique. I honestly owe my entire backside to Abe’s training methods… If you have the chance to train with Abe and 3 in 1 Elite DO IT! He really is the best.”