Anthony Block


Concussions/Special Cases

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“Abe came recommended to me by other fitness professionals, and from the way he had worked with other clients I really like the way he interacted with them. After a history of illness and severe injury, I could not bring my hands and shoulders behind my head (ex. hold the bar on my back to perform a squat). Now I can! I never had the range of motion or ability to perform a lunge. Now I can! I could not breathe during workouts, didn’t know how, and would fatigue very easily, but with Abe’s very specific guidance, I now can breathe freely. His program led an overall 6% decrease in body fat (lost 11 pounds of fat) and 13 pound increase in muscle gains within a month. Abe genuinely cares about his clients. He is very easy to work with, loves his profession and is dedicated to his work. He is always learning something new and is eager to apply what he learns to help his clients succeed as best as he can.”

Anthony B.
San Diego, CA

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