Alyssa Logrande


1-on-1 Training

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Alyssa Competition
“What I like about Abe’s approach is it’s not just my typical bodybuilding style training everything that he’s having me do is just to improve myself not only physically, but mentally as well…I feel like that’s so important to teach your clients and athletes why they’re doing what they’re doing…in order to enhance their performance to get the most optimal results.

Everything he does is not only science fact, but it’s in the best interest of the athletes so they can be the healthiest that they’ve ever been before. I had some imbalances, my vision was off, what he did was assign me different exercises to improve my vision my eye muscles. He had me perform isometric movements so I can strengthen each sides of my body…I’m losing fat and I feel better, I feel more athletic.

I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been…10/10 would recommend!”