Athletic Recovery and Injury Prevention

3 in 1 Elite Therapy is a highly effective and remarkably intelligent method to heal and reduce pain immediately. Most clients have seen recovery time cut in half or even less! 

The therapy combines aspects of manual therapy with neural path analysis and correction. Traditional rehab methods have a one-size-fits-all protocol. 3in1 provides a completely individualized treatment. Furthermore, while rest and rehab are important, there is little focus on active healing or correcting flaws in movement. 3in1 actively heals damaged tissues while intricately working around the injured or damaged area to correct biomechanical and neurological inefficiencies. These methods pinpoint the root cause of the injury. Clients and athletes have often reported substantial improvement within the first session.


Neurology rehabilitation 3 in 1 Elite Atheltic Training
When the body experiences injury or trauma the neural reaction is to tighten the reflexes in localized areas effecting performance. Neural Rehab retrains and reroutes the brain relaxing stored tightness that may impair athletic performance. 3in1 Neural Rehab opens up, repairs and enhances movement for a desired effect that often leaves an athlete performing at even greater lengths prior to injury.


ALTITUDE TENT 3 in 1 Elite San Diego Athlete Training


Increases V02 max-the maximum amount of oxygen the body can convert to work, giving you more stamina for the long haul.

HYPERBARIC THERAPY 3 in 1 Elite San Diego Athlete Training


Decreasing swelling and inflammation, deactivating and clearing toxins and rapidly increasing recovery time.

Cryotherapy at 3 in 1 Elite San Diego Elite Athletic Training


A systemic anti-inflammatory treatment aiding muscle recovery and soreness. This nitrogen filled tank will help peak your athletic performance.