3 in 1 Elite now provides customized performance enhancement programs to athletes located long distance. These programs have been highly successful with professional athletes and 3 in 1 is now extending the same opportunity for out-of-town athletes to unlock their own elite. Individualized programs are the most effective way to optimize athletic performance because they are tailored to your needs, neurological profile, and physiological profile.

For Athletes Visiting San Diego

Athletes receive a full evaluation in a 3-5 day program where they will learn the most beneficial drills relevant to their sport driving unmatched results.

The Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive neural mapping and in-depth assessment of the athlete’s strengths, points of improvement, and imbalances. The athletes will also complete an inventory detailing prior athletic history, injury and illness
  • A tailored and custom training program teaching and retraining technique based on their in-take and abilities
  • Precision and technical coaching
  • Neural warm-ups and exercises priming the mind and body to perform at optimum level
  • Customized at-home exercises included with remote and real time support from 3 in 1 Elite
  • An individually tailored nutrition plan that boosts performance from our book Fuel Your Performance™ 

Note: 3 in 1 Elite provides the above services only. Accommodations, meals and travel expenses are not included. We will gladly provide our preferred hotels upon request.

Remote Athlete Training

  • 60-90 minute consultation via phone or video chat
  • All additional perks of live training condensed into an easy to follow at-home plan
  • Through assessment and detailed data-driven analysis program design and coaching, exceptional, sophisticated, short time frame
  • Optimized nutrition support from our book Fuel Your Performance™
  • Real time feedback, email and video review correspondence

3 in 1 Long Distance Athlete programs are different in that your progress is our full attention. We provide live support and real time video chat for workouts and gameday preps. If you are an elite athlete looking to unlock your full athletic potential, 3 in 1 can help you achieve phenomenal results in a very short amount of time.

For additional information, please contact 3 in 1 Elite by phone (704-491-1754) or