When the body experiences injury or trauma the brain’s reaction is to tighten the reflexes in localized areas which often hinders performance. 3 in 1 Neural Rehab retrains and reroutes the brain relaxing stored tightness opening up the joints while increasing mobility. Our method reduces inflammation and enhances movement for a desired increased range of motion that often leaves an athlete performing at even greater lengths prior to injury.

It’s simple. First, we revisit history of illness or injury and the neurological imprint it left on the body.

From here, we design a more robust plan to localized areas to open up joints and reactivate muscles that once compromised athletic performance.

A palatable example would be if a quarterback tears his rotator cuff on a long pass toward the end zone. We revisit and replicate the position of the body in that long pass and map the neural signals being sent to areas of pain and inflammation. The next step is to reroute the signals using sensory specific techniques to immediately reduce swelling and debilitating pain when winding up for a long pass.