When the traditional strength training, rehabilitation and nutrition approach does not provide the results you’ve been seeking.. chances are someone missed the BIG picture. From our input/output analogy, most professions focus on ONE input of the THREE main neurological systems.. movement. We cannot stress enough how important the other two are: vision and balance from our inner ear input.

3in1 focuses on providing quality input to the brain from all THREE systems including internal awareness of our body- breathing, digestion, physiological regulation and fascia. We implement a full health history and thorough assessment to identify stressors/inputs that are not being addressed reducing cortisol levels (stress) and in turn, decreasing fat or rapidly increasing recovery.

3 in 1 Elite’s non-invasive methodology has produced extraordinary results for individuals:

  • Post-Trauma
  • Car Accident Recovery
  • Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Traumatic Falls
  • Broken Bones
  • Sprained Ligaments
  • Muscles Tears and Pulls
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Excessive Weight Gain and Obesity


When traditional medical care cannot seem to find the answer, 3 in 1 therapy for special cases can help those in need and seek a better, more comfortable life. 3 in 1 extends elite performance to everyone, regardless of athletic aptitude with Special Cases corrective therapy.

3 in 1 Elite’s non-invasive methodology has produced extraordinary results including:

  • Fascial Release
  • Dermal Scar Healing
  • Improved Vision (Reversal of Impairment including Astigmatism and Color Blindness)
  • Improved Learning Abilities
  • Improved Reading Comprehension
  • Improved Symptoms and Remissions of Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, FA, ALS, MS and other Neurological Disorders
  • Improvements in Neuropathy
  • Cancer Remission
  • Alleviated Fibromyalgia
  • Improvements of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Bronchitis and any other disruptive breathing pattern
  • Elimination of Gut Irritability and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Improvements in Vertigo, Motion Sickness and Migraines



Thomas M.

Meet Thomas Client with Brain AVM - walks after being in a wheelchair for 2 1/2 years We ran him through our neural flow assessment and gave him some drills that enhance his brain function... well, the results have been nothing short of amazing! He came to us in a...

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Henriette D.

Meet Henriette Henriette - Post-concussion symptoms of having no energy, dizziness, frequent headaches, couldn't even cook, walk her dog nor water her plants to having energy, NO dizziness, MINIMAL headaches, can cook, waters her plants, walks her dog, NO neck...

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Carey S.

Meet Carey  Shoulder Pain for 30+ years Lifts 50 lbs pain-free Carey has had left shoulder pain for 3️⃣0️⃣➕ years and has seen countless physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, all providing him with very little relief. I suspect this was because all...

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Emma H.

Meet Emma Chronic low back & neck pain with femoral/sciatic nerve pain post-concussion. Lunges pain-free with a significant reduction in all pain areas and improves gut function DON’T go rock climbing 🧗‍♀️ thinking it’s safe to jump off the top, even though you’re...

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Vlad A.

"Friedreich's Ataxia won't stop him.. he was able STAND UNASSISTED within just two weeks" Meet Vlad, an amazing and inspirational, individual who suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia - Friedreich's ataxia (also called FA or FRDA) is a rare inherited disease that causes...

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Reem A.

"For years I suffered from severe autoimmune gut irritability and chronic pain, Doctors could not figure me out... After a few drills, I no longer suffer from autoimmune issues – I have lost 25 pounds and have lost inches all over." REEM A. "For years I suffered from...

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"Abe’s method deters injury.... I had an ankle injury and he helped relieve the pain within minutes!" "I’ve worked with trainers my whole life. As a collegiate athlete, personal trainers and coaches were vital to my success. I never have to worry about risk of injury...

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"Since working with Abe, I have been able to expand my range of movement and be pain-free.. shockingly unique movements that helped heal parts of my body" "Abe goes beyond the expected realm of training. His method is more holistic and goes beyond getting fit. He...

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"After struggling with my weight for years in college, I took the initiative in 2010 to change my life and lost 45lbs on my own through diet and exercise. I started training with Abe two and a half years ago when I found myself at a fitness plateau. I had reached my...

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"I was a bit skeptical, but after feeling noticeable relief after just one session and complete relief after just one week, the pain was gone in both my shoulder and knee!.. I’ve lost and have kept off 10 pounds.. reduced a minute and a half off my running time per...

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"Having specialist in the past, no one had addressed my neurological deficits like Abe. I could never bring my hands & shoulders behind my head to hold a bar.. I could not perform a lunge.. trouble breathing.. Now I can do all and reduced a total of 6% body fat"...

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"We call him Dr. Abe... he relieved my pain in one session ranging from sciatica nerve, rotator calf, torn calf muscle and slipped disc pain" "Abe is always spot on when it comes to helping with special aches and pains. He goes beyond what our physical therapist said...

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