See what you missed from our talk at the Best of San Diego Event: New Year New You. If you did have the chance, thank you so much for taking the time to hear us speak! Hopefully you learned a thing or two. Below you will find the talk, THREE input drills you can begin to incorporate to unlock your full potential and our powerpoint slides.

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    The average person takes anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 breaths per day. That’s a lot of breathing! Try this diaphragmatic breathing drill, begin breathing more efficiently and circulate a more well-balanced oxygen to CO2 ratio throughout your blood.

Your brain receives 150 million neural signals/second from your eyes. If your visual system is even slightly impaired, it may comprise your performance. We recommend starting with basic eye strengthening drills like the pencil push-up.

Quality movement can make a big difference. There are so many options to choose from. Try our favorite movement drills the turkish sit up. Start with no weight to begin with, and as your strength builds over time, load more weight into your hand. Once you’ve mastered the turkish sit up, you can move onto it’s progressions until you’ve reached the full turkish get-up. Make this a fun experiment with your body. We highly recommend beginning with no weight with 3-6 repetitions per side for 3 sets.

Turkish Sit Up

Progressions – Half Kneeling

FULL Turkish Get Up