FYP Podcast with USA Ultimate Frisbee player Goose #00 & GamePoint Performance

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Some highlights:
-Why I wrote my book Fuel Your Performance
-Behavior change
-How to take advantage during the quarantine
-Why go organic
-Sport-specific nutrient timing for competition
-The real energy balance equation
-How stress works and so much more!

FYP is a step-by-step process. Each day you’re given action steps, reading material, or both amounting to ONLY about 10–20 minutes a day, PLUS there are tons of pictures 😉

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Be proactive about your nutrition and performance. 


I’m Abe-Al-Baba, founder of 3 in 1 Elite, and one of San Diego’s most reputable Personal Trainers and Neurological Performance Specialists. I have been working with athletes of all varieties for over a decade now—and what I’ve observed over the years is that any athlete, whether an Olympian or a weekend warrior, can reach their highest level of well-being.

Through extensive research and experience, I concluded that the most effective and quickest way to get into shape was to focus on specific nutrition with optimized exercise.

Fuel Your Performance™ (FYP) is my solution for students and clients who have been unsuccessful in their search for ways to improve themselves while managing their time conflicted schedules.


Proper nutritional intake is the most necessary element to our survival, which is why FYP has nearly instantaneous results and it only gets more efficient with every client I introduce it to.

Within the book you’ll find:

  • Hydration hacks for any place, in any situation
  • An extensive shopping list that will forever instill mindfulness in what you buy
  • Personalized paths carved from the beginning, based on all body types
  • Sport-specific information on nutrient timing
  • How to individualize and be your own food scientist, exemplifying how our nervous system can react to certain foods
  • Commons myths about fad diets, GMOs, and more debunked
  • Tips on sleep, recovery, supplements, weight loss/gain, how to eat on-the-go, and so much more!