Meet Emma
Chronic low back & neck pain with femoral/sciatic nerve pain post-concussion. Lunges pain-free with a significant reduction in all pain areas and improves gut function
DON’T go rock climbing 🧗‍♀️ thinking it’s safe to jump off the top, even though you’re “strapped in”‼️

This amazing spirit and yogie did just that and suffered a spinal injury where L5 was rotated and overlapped the front of S1. Since, she had a multitude of neural symptoms in her lower body, especially femoral/sciatic nerve pain on the left side. This has also caused low back pain, neck pain, she can’t even squat/lunge, do her yoga poses and has to foam roll for forever to actually feel her own body👎🏼. She’s also had a few concussions🧠, car accidents, gut issues/intolerances and an appendectomy.

Her history has led her brain🧠 in having an overactive MESENCEPHALON (duh 🙄), some vagus nerve and insula dysfunction. Her brain and body have quite the disconnect. Welllll luckily #WeveGotADrillForThat

Taped up a specific area on her stomach, threw some pinholes 🕶on with tape to specifically inhibit one part of the brain, did some tongue circles, a breathing drill annndd boom 7/10 pain to 0.5 and 2/10 pain with SIGNIFICANT improvement in ROM👍🏼. Absolutely no pain squatting or lunging.