Are you breathing during exercise?

We always see people in the gym performing exercises without breathing.. If our muscle mass is 70% water and 88.9% water is oxygen, don’t you think you should deliver oxygen to your muscles for maximum benefits?! 

Breathing While Strength Training
Breathing properly during strength training exercises is crucial. Any exercise that requires lifting, pushing or pulling is very demanding on the body and heart rate. Always exhale during exertion. A good example is the bench press. As you press the weight up, exhale slowly throughout the motion. Inhale as you begin to bring the weight back down to your chest. Remember to exhale fully to expel all of the carbon dioxide from your lungs. 
-Breathe IN on the EASY part, OUT on the HARD part
-This will allow our body to perform higher weight, more reps, etc.

Continuous Breathing
During any exercise, it’s important that you focus on always moving air in and out of your body efficiently. Some exercises, especially heavy lifting exercises, may seem to be completed more easily if holding the breath. Holding your breath during exertion can cause your blood pressure to rise, according to This can also result in reduced blood flow to the brain. Both can have adverse affects on the body. Continuous airflow through your lungs is crucial for healthy, effective exercise. If you can’t perform an strength training exercise without holding your breath, there is a fair chance you’re using too much weight.