Train Smarter. Trust the Science.

3in1’s baseline principle is the mind controls everything. Our brain acts as a giant regulator and it’s primary goal is to survive, not to perform at the most elite levels. It can significantly affect our performance if it doesn’t feel safe or senses a threat at the hands of our environment, emotions and physical predispositions. Stress and threat must be managed and modulated appropriatley to obtain the most optimal performance and fluid mechanics.

In order to modulate the threat/stress, this three-pound organ (the brain) needs to integrate quality input to create quality output. When a brain receives the appropriate input, and is comfortable in predicting that the environment is safe, it will integrate from all inputs to provide the appropriate output. There are many options to vastly improve our output/performance. At 3in1, we TRUST THE SCIENCE and understand that our quality input is received via 3 neurological systems for every 1 ELITE athlete:

  1. Move well, or our proprioceptive system
  2. See well, or our visual system
  3. Balance well through our inner ear, or our vestibular system
  4. Even our internal awareness of our body- breathing, digestion, physiological regulation and fascia

These systems can be heavily flawed and need a thorough assessment used to explore and confirm the input and integration areas that need specific focus. Your lifestyle, setbacks, past head injuries/concussions, movement injuries, pain, digestive issues, motion sickness, accidents and surgeries all play a crucial role in developing those inputs and specific needs. From the information gathered, an individually tailored program is created with a complete understanding of what areas need to be emphasized to produce enhanced athletic performance with less physical demand. You will begin to see rapid, IMMEDIATE results.

Historically, we have done an extraordinary job in understanding one piece of the input equation: movement. However, this is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. To better train an athlete’s movement needs, it must be addressed in the context of the brain. This will unlock your full potential as we experience rapid improvements in every area of life occur – from pain relief to injury prevention, improved athletic performance, strength and all components of health. We believe to be ELITE in any sport, you need SKILL and skills are TRAINABLE- we just need the appropriate input and stimuli.